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Call for Papers

The International Society for Business Education (ISBE) invites manuscripts for its refereed publication, Journal for Global Business Education. Topics should focus on International Business and may include reviews of literature, research, teaching methodologies, and other topics of interest to an international business educator audience.

The deadline for submission to the annual Journal is open. Submissions are accepted year-round and the Journal is published annually at the end of each calendar year. For questions regarding the Journal or publication guidelines, please contact:  Dana Moore Gray at dgray@rsu.edu.

Description:  The Journal for Global Business Education is a non-profit, refereed publication of the International Society for Business Education. Manuscripts should focus on the philosophy, theory, or practices related to international business education at all levels of instruction.

Format: The style manual used for the Journal for Global Business Education is the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th Edition. Papers should be no longer than 15 pages (3,000 words), including references, tables, and figures. All manuscripts should include an abstract of 250 words or less. A copy of the manuscript should be sent to Tamra Davis via e-mail for consideration for publication.

Membership:  Authors must be current members of NBEA and ISBE.

Publication Guidelines:

  • All manuscripts are to be in English
  • All manuscripts should follow the APA 6.0 style, including references
  • Length—2—15 pages, including references which do NOT have to be on a separate page
  • Single-spaced with one blank line between paragraphs and before/after headings
  • No other formatting should be used
  • Word 2003 or higher software ONLY
  • Font should be a standard serif or sans-serif font, 12-point.
  • All graphics should be encased in a box
  • Margins should be 1-inch
  • No header or footer should be included
  • No page numbers
  • A title page that includes the manuscript title and author(s) name, name and address of institution, email address, and telephone number for primary author must be included
  • All submissions must be electronic.
  • Manuscript cannot be under consideration by another publication at the time of submission to the Journal
  • The reviewers may make suggestions for revisions. The editor will work with the author(s) to make the changes
  • The editor reserves the right to edit all manuscripts accepted for publication