By now you should be back to your educational routine since the holiday season has ended. Have you given up on those resolutions you made at the beginning of the month?

If you have, I want to suggest some ways you can get back on track. Help ISBE bring together a world of relationships and resources. Here’s how:

  • JanuaryIndulge in conversation with colleagues and businesses about what ISBE is and where it is headed. Visit our website today at isbeusa.org for some ideas. You can use Facebook and Twitter, too.
  • FebruarySend to tdavis2@ilstu.edu some international business education projects or lessons that you are using with your students. We want to share them with our members.
  • MarchBuild your leadership skills through the ISBE training session on March 31 in Chicago.
  • AprilEnjoy formal and informal networking opportunities with ISBE members during the NBEA Convention—tweets will be acceptable, too.

We Invite you to Share your Beliefs in ways you would be Encouraged to become active in ISBE in 2015. Select from the numbers below and click here with the number(s) of your choice(s):

  1. I will attend the ISBE sessions in Chicago March 31-April 4, 2015
  2. I will share a novel approach to a business module
  3. I will take on a leadership role in ISBE (officer or committee chair)
  4. I will partner with someone in a leadership role in ISBE
  5. I will write an article for ISBE publications
  6. I will promote ISBE to one other person by June 1, 2015
  7. I will “like” the ISBE Facebook page
  8. I will connect with ISBE regularly via the website, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  9. I will attend the SIEC-ISBE International Conference in Krakow, Poland, July 2015
  10. I will share my expertise when I can
  11. I will help you __________________________
  12. I will pay my membership dues only
  13. Other __________________________________

Prizes await your responses

Share ISBE with your colleagues
Roietta Fulgham
2014-15 ISBE President U.S. Chapter
(916) 835-2325